dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Idiot Plot Against Farley.

The problem with trying to apply common sense to the whole "Death Of Farley" situation is that Lynn seems to have certain fixed preconceptions as to how the world works and tends to react to any sort of murmur of disagreement with either a flippant remark or a sullen accusation of persecution. While I have made a bit of a meal of her not seeing how much drama she could derive from the Pattersons having to take Farley down to the vet to be put down, it seems to me that her inability to see that they'd be stuck with a difficult and painful decision that resulted in a heart-wrenching necessity that they'd be dealing with for years to come isn't the only means by which her lack of vision screws things up.

First off, we have to deal with her insistence that There Must Be Continuity as a means of stiff-arming objections to the concept that any new pet the Pattersons might get when they feel up to pet ownership again must be Farley's offspring. The objection seems to be that if they just go down to a shelter to pick up some random dog whose origins they don't know, any connection to Mrs Baird would be lost and so on and so forth. This despite the fact that most of the people who cried when Farley died had to wait until 2008 to learn where the Pattersons got Farley in the first place.

Second, she doesn't seem to want to face up to how stupid, reckless and unsympathetic the Pattersons in general and Elly in particular ended up looking. This habit of hers of assuming that people understand things as she does failed her when it ended up looking as if Elly was too damned stupid to understand how to talk to her child, too lazy to bother neutering Farley and too blasted cold-hearted to realize how scared April was after nearly drowning. All Elly seems to have learned is that for reasons that no one would ever be able to comprehend, nearly dying made April clingy and panicky around water.

Lastly, it looked to all the world that they all just shrugged, said "Oh, well. Farley's dead. That's too bad but we've got a new dog so we don't really have to care" owing to her seeming belief that showing the Pattersons feeling strong emotions would scare people away. We had to contend with the same noise when she told people off about how boring the Fauxposal had to be for much the same reason.
Tags: farley: chew toy of fate, idiot plotting

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