dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Undoing John: Michael Redux.......

It seems obvious that John and Elly's divorce would not at all be civilized. Certain harsh, needful things would be said because both parties would no longer feel required to be civil. The most noise would not be about irritating personal habits or foolish hobbies, no sir. What would get Elly's blood boiling is the first example of John's using a child to control her: Michael. Elly would gleefully dredge up every last bit of his repulsive, disrespectful behavior, his sullenness, his selfishness, his petty cruelty, his unjustifiable vanity, his neglect and use it as a club to bludgeon John over the head with. Giving as good as he got, Doctor P. would slyly allude to the fact that Mike was little more than a tool through which she could live vicariously until her parents were both dead. Just as she could trot out the Delicate Genius's Parade of Victims, he could get a stable of people who can't wait to point out what a bossy, smug, carping and ungrateful little heifer she was as a teenager. The upshot of this, of course, would be to knock the stuffings out of Michael. Realizing just how little he really mattered to his parents, to anyone, would slam him down to the ground. Just as John would be converted from Daddy Sunshine into the fearful, fretful, hovering paranoiac of April's college days, Mike would finally be forced to confront the source of all his troubles: HIMSELF!! Once he acknowledges that he's just another voice in the human chorus, he may finally do something that matters.
Tags: child rearing disasters, jelly vs jstf, mikerobe: the universal infant

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