dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Storm in April....

As someone who's spent all of his life in a Northern climate like me can tell you, you'd have to be somewhat overconfident to declare winter to be over merely because of a warm stretch in late March. In my nearly fifty years on this planet, I've experienced too many blizzards and ice storms in April to dare to put away winter clothes until at least the first part of May. You would think that the Pattersons would also know not to get too cocky about this sort of thing but twenty-three years ago, we were proven wrong. As we also know, the 'surprise' ice storm that no one could have predicted or prepared for forced Elly to give birth at home. The odd thing about this is that in the television special based on this storyline, Mike interpreted this whole thing to mean that April fooled everyone because of the consensus that she had somehow arranged matters to inconvenience the rest of the cast. Having to watch the dullard spout that idiotic comment after watching Elly repeat her habit of being an improvident clod who blames April for her lack of foresight tends to annoy me. It doesn't surprise me though; this is, after all, the woman who saw Connie's leaving town for greener pastures as mostly an inconvenience for her.
Tags: picky-face martian princess creature, the middle years

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