dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The awkward centuries of Lizzie Patterson.

Of course, being a suggestible clodhopper who never learns from his mistakes seems to come naturally to our boy Mikey. He is, after all, the child of a woman who never quite understood that her idiotic refusal to stop fussing over the Lizzie of the Early Years is as directly responsible for her becoming the frowning, blank-eyed and baffled mess of the Middle Years with the laser-like focus on alleged flaws and refusal to admit that she could be loved as is John's stupid inability to see that his being an insensitive clod matters. As a recent strip shows us, Lizzie is starting to resist Elly's tendency to be a big freaking show-off by trying to turn her into a God-damned kewpie doll. While the dough-headed woman in the ponytail seems to think that her baby is rejecting all the love in Mommy's great big heart and trying to keep her from expressing herself because she HATES her poor mother who only wants to be recognized and so on and so forth, anyone capable of seeing through a child's eyes would tell you that we're dealing with a small child who doesn't want to be pawed at by a clumsy oaf who acts as if she doesn't have nerves. This is why when Liz started to dress herself, she started to aggravate her block-headed mother by dressing in a nondescript manner so as to avoid Mommy making the cooing noise of appreciation that she associates with pain. The problem is that while she wished to avoid the awkward feeling Elly's approval brought, she still expected to be fussed over by all and sundry and developed a feeling of inadequacy because she was no longer the center of attention. Fold in the default feeling of negativity that seems to be encoded in Elly's DNA and the accompanying need to focus solely on the bad while discounting the good and it's kind of no wonder we're going to be spending the next fourteen years or so watching Liz look at a mirror and declare herself to be too ugly and stoopid looking to be allowed out in public.
Tags: liz: whining martyr, the middle years

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