dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

One more guilty woman

The "Elly goes on a road-trip" arc that we're currently enjoying reminds us of one thing that is going to carry over from the Early Years through the most of the strip: Elly's feeling as if she actually is somehow depriving her family of her loving care when pursuing the outside interests that keep her from going insane and killing them all out of sheer frustration with their near-terminal case of what my mom called nub-itis. Time and again, we see her conflicted by her need to get away from a lazy, stupid little boy who thinks that God invented mothers to do the housework that's beneath him. The problem is that she sets herself up to fail by being overly scrupulous. By needing to show the world that she at least can be relied on one hundred percent, she is the other think that Mike has coming and the someone who'll pick up after Lizzie if she waits long enough. Since Mike expects subconsciously to have a crutch ready to hand when confronted with the awful possibility of cleaning away the great big mountain of toys or sorting the tonnes of laundry his fun-killing, happiness-hating mother forces him to do because she hates him and wants to make him her slaveboy, he's not going to understand that despite what his parents say when they don't think that he can hear them, chores ain't no kinda freaking death sentence. Since she's raised her children to be idle and dependent so she can feel needed, Elly is going to end up like Marian and die feeling guilty about abandoning her children in their time of need.
Tags: elly on her cross, the middle years

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