dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the seeking of status.

As you might have noticed during the "Mike joins a protest" arc, John was less exercised by the fact that Mike fell under the sway of a charismatic idiot who wanted to complain about an issue about which he was abysmally misinformed and more agitated that Mike had somehow disgraced the family by making a show of himself in public. While this is rather cliché of John, what he doesn't realize is that Mike is also obsessed with his place in the hierarchy. Granted, this is because he doesn't acknowledge the pecking order at school but it exists and is a real thing that must be taken into consideration. As we're about to see, Mike spends a crap-load of time whining to Elly about how she should not do a lot of the things she does because a large group of boorish children will tease him. This is because he's been raised to see how a mob of people who don't actually matter might think of him as being more important than what's right and what will make others happy.

What he and John and Elly don't seem to see is that people might not have had too high an opinion of them in the first place. As an example, I don't really think that most of the people watching Mike make an ill-informed comment about bus fare connect him with that dentist who talks over his patients as if they're furniture or that they would especially care strongly about the matter if they did. The average jerk would shrug and assume that John is just another parent with a goofy kid just like everyone else and let the matter rest. The idea that they're all supposed to cut him dead because he can't control his son is absurd and silly to them as the idea that Lizzie is supposed to be forced into a parade that scares her so that her status-obsessed mother can prove that she's in charge was to the women who organized the Easter parade.
Tags: idiot plotting

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