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John and Elly: We don't really like Mike

To continue on with my look at how a divorce would affect Mike, let's take a closer look at how figuring out how his folks really thought of him would do to him. John, as I pointed out, would regard him as little more than Elly's plaything so she could have literary fame by proxy while still stiff-arming her parents' desire to see HER succeed. Anyone too dim to realize that he was being used as a stick to beat his grandfather over the head with would get no respect for Train Man given that he never had the desire to give his parents the middle finger. What's more, the fact he no longer felt the need to be civil would loosen his tongue in that regard. As for Elly, she'd end up much like Lisa's dad in Funky Winkerbean by becoming the picture of filial piety when it was too late to do any real good. She'd accomplish that by pointing out that Mike was little more than an obstacle between her and the career she 'really' wanted, how he stood between her and her parents' hopes for her. Having the two people he thought loved him no matter what regard him more as object than man would, as I said, add to the stress of this so much that he'd break down and finally see himself for who he really is: a sullen, callous fool who won't share. One would hope that Deanna would help reassemble the pieces into a more useful shape, that he, finally knowing what he was meant to do, could make a real contribution instead of being a vehicle for someone else's desires.
Tags: child rearing disasters, jelly vs jstf, mikerobe: the universal infant

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