dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lynn versus dental student's bodies.

The odd thing about the recent sequence that had John make a not-so-funny joke about keeping Elly off balance only to have her tell an even less funny joke that she doesn't realize is mildly off-color is that it seems rather ill-timed and graceless owing to the fact that it looked to people like us that she was rubbing Rod's nose in the fact that he'd had to give up being the flying dentist and do what she told him to and so on and so forth. What we lost sight of is that it wasn't long after they'd relocated that Rod started teaching at a nearby university thereby worsening things for Lynn. You see, back when he was the flying dentist, she could make sure to police his activities; in Corbeil, she'd found that he had a lot of time outside the house and access to college girls. Given her paranoid dread that all men will betray their wives given half a chance and given how her understanding of human relationships ossified in the tenth grade, it seems likely that she didn't see average-looking young women needing actual help. What she saw was, I should think, an endless array of husband-stealers who wanted to steal her husband because that's what pretty people do to the plain girls and so on and so forth into the endless argument.
Tags: lynn versus her gender., lynn versus men

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