dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Keep away from anyone named Sue.

Like a lot of us, it's fairly clear that Lynn has fallen victim to what she'd regard as having a disgusting name cooked up by evil people to fill the empty heads of innocent children with scary and bad images. Trying to assure her that the phrase 'ear worm' hasn't been engineered to ruin her life and hasten the downfall of society is as futile as telling her that she isn't hideously fat. It seems to me that it's very likely that the song 'Run-Around Sue' by Dion lodged itself into her subconscious mind and thus led her to assign it to women who either represented the threat of being cheated on by cheating cheaters who cheat and steal boyfriends from less attractive girls because that's what they do.

The reason that I say this is that Lynn confessed to doing so at least once. After all, she had originally planned to make Elly's boss Susan a threat to Elly's marriage because she was more attractive and attractive women are all part of a great big conspiracy to make sure Lynn dies alone, unloved and forgotten because attractive women are evil and hate the ugly and so on and so forth. She came closest to serving that purpose in the recent roadtrip arc when it was her who sent Elly away so she could use her attractiveness power to cloud John's mind and leave Elly alone and unloved and so on. This, I should think, was Lynn's way of telling Rod to not get cute.

The odd thing is that when Lynn's marriage actually did collapse and Liz talked about how she'd made Paul up because she didn't know what love way, the reason was that Susan Dokis would go on to walk off into the sunset with Paul because she was his 'kind'. Part of me wants to think that she was a stand-in for the woman Rod did cheat on her with because of the Susan factor. We had the initial suspicion and then the reality of being made a fool of. Ah, well. At least then, her contract was almost up and she didn't destroy Elly's marriage so she wouldn't have had to install air raid shelters to protect her from the hate mail.
Tags: lynn versus her gender.

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