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On my namesakes.

Now that I've reminded you all of Susan Dokis, I'd like to remind you of one of the things that bothered me about Paul Wright that isn't directly related to how stupid Liz was about the whole thing. It's not enough that she treated the man foolishly because she feared listening to herself and hearing the voice of a shallow idiot who never knew what she wanted that didn't revolve around finally getting her idiot parents to respect her and love her and pay her as much attention as her ugly brother. What bothered me about the sitting duck bad boyfriend is that we happen to share a first name. It irritates me to have to read crap about how Liz "must" have made him up because having their love be real means scaring her parents and thus never going back to the halcyon days in which Daddy and Mommy fussed over her and didn't flee from her side.

Ah, well. At least he's done better for himself than the other two Pauls in the strip. We'll see the first one (French Canadian Stereotype Carpenter Paul Gauthier) in eight years' time when they add on to the house to accomodate the Martian. You will notice that as time goes on, he sounds less and less like Black Jack Shellaque from the Bugs Bunny cartoons and more like a normal person. This, I should think, is because it occurs to me that the man he's based on told Lynn to kindly tone it down a notch. Anyhow, I'd rather be thought of as a man who dodged the bullet of having fearful idiot in-laws who can't be troubled to know which end of a litter box smells worse than a mildly offensive stereotype.

I'd also rather not be Paul Mayes. Granted, he's a rather well-behaved little boy who doesn't present nearly the same challenge to the world as do Jon Benet or Crown Prince Poopy-pants. The problem is that his calm nature is not ascribed to being raised by people who did what the Pattersons did not do. It isn't that Gordon and Tracey grew the Hell up and acted like people, it's that Tracey is some sort of hobbit or something.
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