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Author-saving reading between the lines.

As we all know, Lynn simply refuses to get over the fact that a lot of librarians don't like having someone as low on the totem pole as Elly is getting to go to the big thing in Winnipeg when people who actually are librarians instead of glorified temps like she is have to stay home so that Elly can be given free stuff for being a Patterson. What they tend to not want to admit to themselves is that to the public at large, Elly has just as much right to go there because their property taxes pay all of their salaries and it would be a waste if no one went merely because all she has is an MRS degree.

The problem that I have with this argument is that I really don't think that these iron-grey facts would make much of an impression on Lynn's mind. To do so, they'd have to be wedged in between her paranoid assurance that her classmates from elementary school are still lying in wait to tease her about a test answer she got wrong fifty years after the fact and her insistence on how the mean old picky-faces at her local library want her to writhe on the floor and crawl through the mud and grovel for a forgiveness that will be forever withheld and all of that other idiotic nonsense that she seems to burden herself with.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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