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On strings being pulled and bones being thrown.

Of course, there's a detail that Lynn left out when huffing and puffing about the workshop that puts a whole new spin on everything. You see, instead of Elly attending a conference on library science or the like, she'd attended a workshop on the puppetry she might well have used in her job as "The crazy lady who runs Story Time"; it seems to have enraged them that they were thought of as having nothing better to discuss than how to be a better babysitter to dead-eyed children. The sequence in which Susan and Monique discuss how terrible they feel when budget cuts force them to kick Elly to the curb make me think that something else is going on here. As we see here, the two of them are quite unhappy about things they look at her and see a woman with nothing going on in her life.

Factor in the fact that Elly looks to be cursed with boorish clod of a son who doesn't seem to show her the least bit of respect and doesn't give two shits about how much she worries about him as well as a dead-eyed daughter who treats the place like a funhouse when she goes there at all and it ain't too hard to see that they see Elly as being a charity case. This means that the two of them probably saw a notice about a puppetry workshop in a trade publication, scraped together a bunch of money and decided to give the poor wretch of an assistant a free trip. Not, of course, that she appreciated the effort on her behalf. After all, the ding-dong still came away with the impression that they fired her because they hated her despite what Connie tried telling her about the real world because she was reduced to the horrible status of useless housewife with no identity of her own.
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