dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

We don't trust the situation.

As we all know, there's eventually going to come a point in time when a grandparent isn't going to come a-running when John and Elly take their annual kid-hostile vacations in the sun. What this means is that we're going to be dealing with a reminder that not only do John and Elly not want their children around to embarrass them as they chase after them, they also think that their teaming brood will trash the place left to their own devices. To that end, the Middle Years will close on the visage of Lizzie squealing in rage as a variety of sitters show up to make sure she's safe and to make sure that she doesn't have anything like fun while they're away. What JSTF and Flapandhonk lose sight of is that they ain't exactly the best judges of character. While they're zooming through the States wishing that the kids weren't so in love with chaos and would give up their silly resistance to listening to long, boring stories in which they're being told how stupid they are to not understand or care about a time long before they were born, the "responsible" figures they hire turn into so much Kortney and take advantage of the situation. This leads directly to Lizzie being yapped at for being mean to a jerk authority figure who Elly finds it hard to believe would do something like that. Heh. No wonder April told Elly that she knew she wouldn't be believed: she knows Elly better than Elly does herself!!
Tags: the middle years

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