dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Doonesbury Reload

I'd like to take a brief break from talking about the Pattersons so I could discuss a matter dear to my heart. You see, Garry Trudeau has decided to alter the format of Doonesbury owing to his involvement with the online television series Alpha House. What's going to happen from now on is that during the week, we're going to start right back up from when BD made a mildly sour comment about how the computer that paired him with Mike had to be really glitched to whenever while he produces new material for Sundays. This makes of him what Lynn would probably call a wimp owing to his being akin to Bill Amend. That being said, it seems to me that a lot of people might actually be looking forward to seeing the blast from forty-three and a half years in the past because they have fairly good memories of the strip in its infancy. Meanwhile, no one I can think of has good memories of Mike Patterson wanting dirt at all.
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