dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On problems with authority and the treasuries.

As we all know, Lynn has a lot of issues with authority figures. Someone who takes as much pride in tormenting people for telling her an EVIL LIE about how she has to do stuff that bores her and another EVIL LIE about how she doesn't actually know what's best for her and yet a third EVIL LIE about how while other people have to follow the rules without exception, she isn't special enough to do what she wants when she wants to is clearly someone sick with the fear that everyone she meets has the same need to lash out and crush everything in his or her path as she does. She thus consoles herself with her own evil lie and tells herself that she's not an angry twit pulverizing people trying to do her a good turn because she's a stubborn, malicious dope. She's really defending herself from being attacked by people who want to crush her spirit and take away her voice.

This is not only why the plushie is a failed project, it's why the treasuries are garbage. Someone without her need to meddle in things because she conflates a bit of loss of control with complete surrender would have let a more competent publishing company (like Fantagraphics or IDW) do a proper job of it. Since she wanted a crap-load of money and far too much input, the publishers took a big hit and were forced to scale back on what could have been a money-earner if she'd have laid off. The end result is a semi-hardcover remix of collections people already have covered in new-ruin artwork and given a stupid title when we should have had something akin to The Complete Peanuts.
Tags: lynn versus being taught

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