dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Undoing John and Elly: Elizabeth.

Mike isn't the only one of his siblings who was used as a vehicle though which Elly could live her dreams while still disappointing her parents. Liz, too, had her life warped by having a character trait assigned to her. Her function was to live the life of adventure teaching children up North that Elly was meant to have but didn't feel like going through herself. That's sort of why Elly fixed her up with Paul in the first place. She only started championing Anthony because she reminded herself that Liz had let her down somehow. That's because Liz wasn't inspired to become a teacher by dear old Mom. Someone else did that. It's pretty much why she has no patience for April's musical ambitions. Not only did she not pick it up from someone else and try to please a mentor who wasn't her, it was Jim of all people. Having Jim's ambitions fulfilled is a bit of a no-no. Liz may be suited to be a teacher but I don't see her as the outdoorsy, adventuresome type. She talked a good game in her letters but I'd say she's a natural born homebody, given how readily she ate up all that Great White Goose stuff. Once she too figures out who she was really supposed to be, she might finally start doing her students some good.
Tags: child rearing disasters, jelly vs jstf, liz: whining martyr

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