dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Ryan Perplex.

As I suspected, the reason Lynn isn't as excited about her new grandchild is that he is a boy. Lynn doesn't really like boys much and tends to lump them in with dogs as being lumpish and stupid producers of filth, noise and chaos who are at war with the need busy mothers with no help and no time to themselves to impose order on the world.

This, I should think, can be explained by her odd need to dress Lizzie up like the bestest walking doll in the history of ever. You see, there are any number of occasions in which Lynn confessed that she looks back on the past and regrets that growing up, she never had a close girlfriend with which she could play dress-up and have tea parties and all of the other girly-girl things that she was supposed to have done. She looked around her and it seemed as if the only children who would come out and play were stinky old BOYS who tried to get her to get lost.

Given her inability to read the situation, it seems to me that Ryan is going to spend his formative years paying the price for the over-caution of long dead Vancouverite parents. If what my gut is telling me is correct, it seems to me that sixty or so years ago, the collective will of the segment of The Greatest Generation that had little girls Lynn's age was that there was no way in Hell that they'd expose their innocent children to that destructive, defiant and shit-stupid hellion Merv and Ursula Ridgway called a daughter. Since some poor fish who died ages ago didn't want a real-life Little Iodine stirring up the shit, Ryan is going to be a non-entity in his granny's mind.
Tags: lynn versus her family

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