dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On completely misreading people and its joys.

The very interesting thing about the current arc is that Lynn finally confessed to a mental peculiarity that I'd long suspected her of having. Simply put, the mental biography she writes for people she encounters is almost always totally wrong. What this means in terms of the strip is that since all the characters are her to some extent or another, they all thrash around blindly assuming that everyone that they encounter wants things that they do not want.

The most telling example of this baffling but typical inability to understand their fellows is everyone's favourite sitting-duck antagonist Thérèse Caine. The interesting thing about her is that in the Liography Beth wrote for Anthony, we were shown the portrait of a woman who grew up all kinds of messed up because of her vile misogynist father and smug housewife-whore mother. Given that Beth hammered us over the head with the idea with the woman's Twoo Wuv is a performance artist of sorts whose purpose is to help her tune in, turn on and drop out of the business world in order to become his muse, we're meant to believe that most of why she lashed out is that she wasn't being true to her true nature. Being an executive is supposedly as alien to who she is as conventional wife and mother.

The problem is that much like Lynn, the Pattersons don't 'read' the Liographies. What we seem to be dealing with is that phenomenon I'd mentioned a while back in which the Foobs assume that since The Evil Career Woman is an obstacle to whatever stupid goals they have in mind, she must want to destroy them because she hates them. The idea that she's a messed-up jerk who stumbled her way into a holocaust out of sheer bad luck is not something that appeals to them as it requires them to cope with what they see as being an absurdity.
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