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More on alcoves.

The very odd thing about Elly's time at the library is that I can count on the thumbs of both hands the number of times that we got to see Mike and Lizzie there. This, I should think, is owing to Elly's inability to anticipate that a child is going to be curious as to what an adult is doing and her active antipathy to children invading (her words, not mine) an adult world where they do not belong and should not enter. As we see here, Elly is clearly terrified by Michael's presence in her sphere and actively resents his refusal to admit that he's somewhere he was told not to be. This is because we're dealing with an idiot who thinks that telling a child to do a vaguely-defined something won't result in disaster as well as a clod who actively resents what she sees as becoming the non-person called Mom.

What Elly doesn't realize is that eventually, her children do begin to accept her value of shooing children away from the adult sphere. By the time she's sitting across the table telling Connie that the situation with Anthony and that awful woman he married who wants things she shouldn't want, Michael is convinced that children shouldn't be curious about what Daddy does and have to be kept away from him lest the Sun die. What's more, he's probably currently convinced that his children want to destroy him by doing things he shouldn't be expected to anticipate. The substantive difference between him and Elly is that Meredith and Robin's grandmother is not like his own. Marian, you see, made the ocassional comment about how far up Elly's arse her head was expecting children to be grinning little dummies who were supposed to sit in a glass case; Elly tells him he's a great dad for being an oblivious twinkie.
Tags: child rearing disasters, elly versus her family

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