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The Brain (but not Dawn) of tokenism.

As we all know, we're about half of a year away from Lynn's attempt to integrate the emotions her family felt when they were uprooted into the strip. What looks to the untrained eye to be Connie doing something drastic for a baffling and silly reason is actually Lynn making a clumsy attempt to try to figure out how everyone in her immediate family is actually reacting to the move to Corbeil. The interesting thing about this is that not only do we have an extended series of strips in which Lawrence's absence is a metaphor for how life will never be the same, we also have to contend with the arrival of the Enjo family in Connie's old house in order to remind us that the Johnstons had to meet new people and so on and so forth.

While it's true that three-quarters of them were just folks who happened to be able to hit the reader over the head with stories about Whitey keeping Asians down because that's what Whitey does every so often, their hip, cool gospel about how people are essentially the same was subverted by Brian being a sort of personification of positive discrimination. The interesting thing about this is not that he was the focus of jokes about how the normal kids forgave him for being a straight-A student or that he was on the short list to be the token gay character whose purpose was to show how tolerant the Pattersons are. The interesting thing is that he was the focus of angry letters about how stereotypes are stereotypes, "positive" or not. Sadly, Lynn used the example of Asians realizing that talking to a condescending idiot is futile as a means of saying that they didn't mind so why should we?
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