dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On becoming the mask

As we all know, the Elly of the Early Years really didn't much like the life of the everyday housewife. As far as she could see, her life was a sort of treadmill in which she struggled to keep up with a mountain of housework only to be sold short by a smug imbecile of a husband who contented himself with the fiction that her existential horror was actually the result of woman hormones that make gals moody so there was no reason for him to man the Hell up and help her. Worse, she had to contend with ungrateful idiot children who seemed to actively hate the very idea that she was a person in her own right and not a machine plopped on the Earth to keep them from picking up after themselves.

The problem is that the Elly of the era of the Settlepocalypse spent most of her time sighing a moody and stupid sigh because she thought that Liz was letting her chance to have the sort of happy life she herself had back when the Breath and the Delicate Genius were young and wonderful and when John was her supportive best friend ever. Thanks to the miracle of selective memory, Elly reconfigured a past we knew to be one of near-perfect despair in which she begged for escape from a world that seemed Hell-bent on erasing her individuality into something akin to a third-tier dom-com in which whatever troubles she might have had were resolved in time for the McDonalds ad. Since Elly can't remember how lost, confused and horrified she really used to be and since Liz is super-suggestible, it's easy to see why the younger idiot doomed to a life of ennui yoked in monogamous misery to a stuffed shirt who takes her for granted is probably willing herself to believe that she's actually happy. After all, Mom is happy so she should be happy too.
Tags: elly versus herself

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