dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On convenience and other evils.

As you might have learned by now, the introduction to the fourth treasury looks like Lynn simply being yet another person out there who makes a fetish of books. She goes on and on about how she loves the feel of hard-cover books, the weight of them in her hands, the ability to mark her place with a book mark, loves to curl up and pretty much hide behind them and so on and so forth. To her, the traditional book is the only real sort of book there can be because an e-reader just isn't the same. She doesn't like the glowing screen that can be anything and is also so slim, so portable, so light-weight and, worst of all, so convenient. As the strip shows us, Lynn seems to hate things that make her life too easy. The example that comes readiest to mind is the recurring 'joke' in which John takes an unacceptable shortcut (it helps to imagine Elly screaming like Earl Lemongrab) by either taking the kids out to eat, ordering in or using 'cheats' like TV dinners instead of letting Elly express her creative side by cooking her good stuff. To Elly, the convenience and ease of letting someone else do the cooking is a very bad and cruel thing because she's got herself half convinced that she has to do things the hard way in order to be thought of as a good mother. Anything that really saves labor is a horrible thing because without her being exhausted and frazzled doing stuff she never really had to, she doesn't see herself as being a real mother. This is because we're dealing with a kid who thinks that adult life is nothing but work, work and more work and taking things easy and doing anything the simple, easy way is dead wrong. Since an e-reader holds a crap-load of books in the palm of her hand, Lynn and Elly want nothing to do with them because their ease of use is such that the Imaginary Free-Lance Shame Squad that only existed in Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time will materialize and take away her license to be a grown-up.
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