dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The authenticity syndrome.

It seems that about every week or two, we find a strip annotated in such a manner that it seems obvious that Lynn feels as if she is somehow magically disappointing her audience if her real life doesn't somehow or other match perfectly with that of Elly Patterson. The underlying idea seems to be that if they were to find out that she invented a detail or two, they would all abandon her because she is a lying liar who lies and so on and so forth. What I believe that she loses sight of living in almost perfect isolation is that people aren't really that stingy, stupid and childish. I know for a fact that I never expected her to really be living Elly's life owing to her making money hand over fist and being a C-list celebrity and all. I expected her life to be more like that of Bill Cosby's signature character, Dr Cliff Huxtable, rich dude with a bunch of clueless kids who'll be freeloading off of him ten years after he dies and a spouse who keeps him from eating himself to death. What seems to be Lynn's major malfunction is that when she imagines her typical fan and reflects on the fact that it's been a lot of years and a couple of million dollars since she was actually a regular mother with regular problems, she assumes that since she'd scream LIAR!!!!! in that made-up person's place, that person would not assume that Lynn is probably about to write a Lynnsight thanking her fans for sending in letters about a life she no longer experiences.
Tags: lynn the blogger, lynn v. herself

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