dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On good and bad energy.

I think it's fairly safe to say that the disorganized imbecile we call Elly is fairly self-absorbed and short-sighted. The same drooling chowderhead who doesn't see that her constant yammering about how she's wasting her life chasing after children when they're in the next God-damned room is somehow connected to their baffling fear that one day, she's just gonna leave and never come back has a problem with their playing based on a really stupid and self-serving concept. This is because when Elly sees Mike just kicking around being a normal, healthy, active child, the peevish imbecile with the belief that everyone wants to ruin her thinks to herself "Look at him wasting all that energy doing stupid things that can't matter when he should be spending it making my life easier. I wish I had all of his energy because then I could get things done but NO!!! It was to be wasted on someone who won't do things that matter because he's bad and he hates me and he's not grateful."

What this all means is that dimwit Elly knows that there's a feeling in Mike's limbs that tells him that it's good to be alive, knows that she's never had that sort of feeling ever because she's terrified of hurting herself and being left to rot because everyone hates her and thus begrudges him that feeling because she can't be reasoned out of her insane self-loathing. The end result is that she becomes a nagging annoyance who kills his ability to enjoy things and feel good about himself because she was born with a yawning chasm where anything like optimism is supposed to be. Good thing that she can delude herself into thinking that she was a supportive parent or she'd have to kill herself to atone for being a raging geyser of hydrochloric acid.
Tags: elly versus her family

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