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On really showing them....

As we're about to see, the strip in which two barflies respond to Elly and Claire's acting as if they were attending the saddest sorority reunion ever with a comment about how when wimmin is let out of the kitchen, chaos ensues is Lynn's way of 'answering' two revolting slobs who messed up a pleasant evening out by being drunken morons. The problem is that if the two people in question remember the incident in question, they aren't going to connect what they did with the antics of Frank and Not Frank. Similarly, the waitress Lynn was pillorying the week before has no idea that the Customer From Hell was the person behind yet another slam against people in the service industry. This makes me think of Lynn as the sort of person who gets off on futile little gestures like this in order to make herself feel as if she's really nailed someone real good when in fact, she really hasn't done anything.

The telling part of this is that when Mike waits for another think, she talks about how she wanted to cure Aaron of the evil habit of expecting her to do housework by having evilly refuse to pretty much open a vein in expiation. Given that there were any number of Mavises who actually picked up after the family while she was in her creative trance AND that Ruth was his primary caregiver anyway, the end result is to reinforce my suspicion that Lynn thinks of herself as being more influential than she actually is. Given that we've got a laundry list of strangers who don't realize they've been publicly shames and a family who doesn't understand what they've done to cheese her off, this seems a bit overblown.
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