dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Borrow another character's mouth to diss someone......

As we all know, Bil Keane had as little patience for his children's tendency to try to evade punishment for a minor misdeed as he did for their not coming out of the womb speaking like a news reader. About forty years or so ago, he decided to hammer this irritation home by creating the first of his gremlin characters: Not Me. What would happen is that the kids would blame this guy and his family for shit they did in the vain hope that Bil and Thel would actually believe them despite having told the same sort of bullshit story to their own parents.

The reason I mention this is that he seems to have cousins in the Foobiverse. As howtheduck has noticed, Lynn loves to have other characters say something cutting about someone she's got a hate-on for so that Elly doesn't end up looking like a fountain of sulphuric acid. This way, she can give people she hates for whatever stupid and discreditable reason she's got in her head and still not get singled out for being a jerk. Too bad that most of her readers are far dumber than the parents on Family Circus. While Bill and Thelma would mutter "Yeah, right" when seeing Lynn's using a fall-guy like Claire to broadcast her hatreds, Kool-Aid Nation would see that Elly was being nice.
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