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On the Patterson children and their fear of abandonment.

Remember about six years ago when Elly and Connie spouted off about how loving, firm, fair and kind they weren't and how Elly proved she was a deluded moron by reverting to standard operating procedure and exploding in a blind rage when confronted with the mildest resistance to her demands? It seems to me that when the stupid old cow looks back on a past of erupting in blind fury when confronted with the trivial and pissing herself in sheer, blank-minded terror of being not nice when she was supposed to have stood up for herself, she'll probably bleat that her children knew that they were loved and wanted.

This, of course, is a load of steaming manure. Sure, the Mike and Liz of 2014 have also edited their own pasts and believe that they had idyllic childhoods but the fact is that while they were children, they lived in what I like to call the real world. In that world, they knew that Elly's typical expression when dealing with them was a horrified grimace of sheer terror and her typical reaction to their presence was to either flee or scream GO AWAY!!!!!! Since they were kids and didn't know what post-partum depression was, the only conclusion that they could possibly drawn is that Elly didn't really want them around and was looking for an excuse to ditch them because she hated them. This is why they really don't like the idea of her taking trips or spending too much time away from home because they 'knew' that she was just looking for a means of leaving the kids she didn't want behind forever and ever. Since Elly doesn't understand that they fear her wanting to go away forever and ever, she assumes that they just want to be selfish and deny her the same freedom they have. Then again, she has an equally specious reason for hating their being too active so it's sort of appropriate that she not twig to that.
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