dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Danger, Ethical Minefield Ahead!

Today, we see Jim dealing with the consequences of Stroke Number Two as his wife and daughter wonder why something the doctors warned them about happened. Not having medical training, they can't quite wrap their heads around the fact that strokes cannot be cured by pills. The notion that the meds improve odds without eliminating the possibility seems to be one of the 'unfair' things that Elly likes to rail against. As Potato-Snout goes off to give the doctor a piece of her alleged mind, Iris asks herself what would be best for all concerned. I have the horrible feeling that she may set herself up for a world of hurt by agreeing to sign off on a Do Not Resuscitate order even though it might be in everyone's best interests. To the empty minds and chattering voices at the Pattermanse and Tiny Train House, this would mean that she was kicking Jim into the grave. The notion that she made a rational, but heartbreaking, decision because she sincerely wanted what was best for all would not appeal to the hateful vermin called Foobs. Suddenly, the man none of them had time for would be forced, against all standards of decency, to live and die without dignity because he was just that precious to them. They may think they'll be saving him but the reality is that they'd be prolonging his misery.
Tags: jim: rip, one big oblivious family

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