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On being Thanksgiving every day.

It was just yesterday or so when the debate turned around to wondering why the Hell Elly and Lynn felt guilt about not visiting distant relatives. The consensus seemed to be that they live in a world where they think that they have to despite that being counterproductive, silly and wrong. That being said, the Pattersons aren't the only family in the four-panel universe who needlessly complicate their lives in the pursuit of a phantasm involving their relatives. When Francesco Marciuliano took over writing the comic strip Sally Forth, he asked himself "What would make a woman like Sally the perfectionist she is?" The answer he came up with is "Someone who grew up to be overly responsible because her mother is a high-functioning alcoholic with an aversion to being blamed for the chaos her selfishness creates and a smug, selfish refusal to see anything anyone else does (especially if that someone is Sally) as being good enough." Having thus turned Sally into Sidalee to Laura's Vivi, he proceeded to warp the annual Thanksgiving dinner into a hellish nightmare in which Sally stupidly and uselessly goes into a frenzy in a doomed and futile attempt to elicit praise from someone who doesn't have it in her.

The reason that I mention this is that it makes a lot of God-damned sense to assume that Elly herself is also a high-functioning alcoholic who sees the world through a layer of negativity in which she's beset by fools trying to crush her. She also has an aversion towards admitting blame and, since nothing can ever be good enough, a blind refusal to praise her children. Since every day is like Thanksgiving at Casa Forth, it thus seems to me that Lynn doesn't really need to make a Thanksgiving strip because every day is Turkey Day at the Pattermanse.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, boomer lens-cap stupidity, cesco the great

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