dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On exceptionalism in the Foobisphere.

The interesting thing about Lynn's need to jam it to that waitress who'd had the bad luck to cheese her off when Jan Wong was interviewing her is that it reveals an unpleasant facet of her personality that isn't taking umbrage for a very fatuous and silly reason: the need to hold everyone else to far higher standards than she wants applied to herself. You can't read anything she's written without sooner or later realizing that while everyone else ever has to follow the rules without exception, she has declared that she's special and cannot be expected to do so. This need to boast about how being a victim of someone or other shines through in strips like this one Mike expresses confusion and concern that a female contemporary is associating with a brutish asshole who treats her like dirt when he himself is guilty of the same God-damned thing. As it probably was in that restaurant, Mike's inner vindictive whining idiot was unleashed on an unhappy world for a moronic and discreditable reason.

The hint as to why this unwarranted feeling that the rules don't apply to the Pattersons is quite obvious and is hinted at when Mike whines piteously about how he, despite outward appearances that suggest that he's a monstrous solipsist, has been backed into a corner and forced to behave like an oozing sore on the asscheeks of humanity. Since they're all Lynn and Lynn is stupid enough to think that when she has to be told what to do, she's the victim of people who clearly have to hate her because otherwise, they'd let her do what she wanted, they're all a defiant and destructive little jerk who thinks that she's the axis around which the world rotates. Being told to be nice for a change is thus a non-starter because we're dealing with an angry, shrieking child who thinks that if they're told not to say nasty things, they're actually being told that they cannot talk ever. Add in the sort of default negativity that makes the good things in their lives vanish utterly when they see that someone else has something that they convince themselves that they want and you get an immoral moral tyranny of the envious and stupid.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, child rearing disasters

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