dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John Patterson: Enabler or Victim?

As I type this, I do so in the knowledge that it has been roughly six years since John has done one of the stupidest, cruelest and ugliest things he has ever done. We all know that when the petulant ding-dong he married reacted like the shrill and stupid buffoon she is when faced with the mildest resistance to her insistent refusal to listen to what her child was trying to tell her and had a stupid shit fit, John's reaction was to storm up to April's room and demand that she take back whatever horrible thing she said or else. At the time, it seemed as if two terrible things had happened. Either John got his back up because April simply had to have said something bad because that's just what teenagers do, they defy loving parents out of sheer malice because sheer malice makes teenagers defy loving parents or he believed Elly's self-serving distortion of events and wouldn't listen to April's version because Elly has no reason to lie and April has every reason to lie because teenagers are monsters because the stereotypes in his brain say so.

It occurs to me that something far more sinister and repulsive might have actually happened: John knew damned well that April had done nothing wrong but landed on her with both feet anyway because he just plain doesn't want Elly to stop being a crazy bitch. Any sort of real confrontation would expose Elly to the terrible realization that her problems are of her own devising and thus force her to examine what's wrong in her life. Since John is terrified that her first, last and only answer would have to be "I stupidly got married far too early to a shiftless, unreflective moron who wanted a maid, nanny and cook instead of an equal", he is willing perhaps to tolerate her lousy cooking, substandard housekeeping, inability to coexist with her children without shrieking about how they're draining her of her substance and constant beefing about a life she doesn't really want just to make sure that she keeps the greaseburgers coming. If that means throwing April under the bus, well, she'll get over it. It isn't as if a life of constant pressure is going to warp the kids' characters for life or anything, right?
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