dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Why Val Stone isn't really the spiritual successor to Elly.

As we all know, Jan Eliot of Stone Soup tells people that Lynn is one of her heroes and biggest influences. I can believe that because of the habit her author avatar Val has of using the logical fallacy of appealing to shame when silencing Holly when she says things that make Mommy uncomfortable and the fact that like the Pattersons, the Stones make that ridiculous palms-out-pleading gesture that looks so God-damned foolish and fake, it hurts to see it. That being said, Val Stone is no Elly Patterson to be filled with self-pity and a need to avenge herself on her children despite what Holly might say about the matter. Given that her primary goal in life is to save her daughters from threats that don't actually exist, Val actually is is a thirty-something white version of Delta James from the comic strip "Luann". This is because when Elly "volunteers" her children's free time without their consent, it's basically to get them out of her hair and punish them for what she sees as an act of defiance. When Val does it, she joins Delta Do-Gooder in assuming that the lucky beneficiaries of her acts of manipulation and coercion might complain at first but will benefit from being saved from themselves. This is because she joins Delta in being the child of a marriage between idealism and ignorance. The teenaged girl doesn't get that when she leaves high school and enters the real world, she's just going to be a face in the crowd instead of the commanding figure she is now. As for Val, she seems to be blissfully unaware that hectoring her child about homework and media imagery is rather futile because she can't possibly be the only influence in Holly's life. Also, both of them tend to tune out any silly noise the people they're trying to rescue make about how they don't actually know what they're talking about.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, i can't believe it's not tiffany., stone soup

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