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Further notes on alcoves.

The very odd thing about the rather irritating Mother's Day arc we're about to trudge into is that it begins with Elly being terrified out of her tiny mind by Michael's presence in "her" library. Well, not odd, not really. Despite all of Elly's claims of being a loving and attentive mother, she always does seem to be terrified, angered and confused by her children's presence in her personal space. As I've said before, she seems to not understand or want to consider the possibility that her children could possibly take any interest in what she's doing or want to participate in the process. She assumes this because she's an overgrown child who, having noticed what her kids do, thinks of it as baby stuff she's too big and grown up to be caught doing or wanting to engage in. When we combine this being a jumped-up teenager who has an active disdain for her children with her firm belief that they destroy everything because, as everyone knows, children can't help but make the worst possible choice because they're ignorant and destructive, we get the very odd and irritating situation that keeps reoccuring. Simply put, whenever there's an opportunity for her or John to pass on what they know or to an interest of theirs in their children, they refuse to do so. As by way of example, Elly had every chance in the world to pass on her love of gardening to her children but she refused to do so because they "deliberately" antagonized her by expressing confusion and ignorance; the end result is that any sort of family traditions will die with her because she's too fractious and self-absorbed to pass them on.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus her family

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