dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Who will be the loser of the grieving process? (Hint: 5 letters, name of a month)

It seems to be a sad fact of life that, in times of crisis, people start sometimes to complain about side-issues. We see this today as April brings up the subject of Jim's beloved harmonica. She learns to her horror that Liz simply gave it away as a souvenir to a former student. Her outrage is coming from a good place because she probably thinks, trusting in faith like a good Patterson, that hearing it played will snap Jim out of this and bring back the Granddad she loved. She couldn't have said it at a worse time, though. Or for that matter, to a worse person. I know from sad experience Liz will spin this to make it look like April is trying to split the family when they need unity. That's because she will not feel remorse, she's that vain. One thing I've noticed is when cornered, a Patterson will always try to wriggle of the hook, evade blame, turn am accusation back on the other person. That being said, the others will gleefully turn on the sincerely bereaved in order to look like they aren't selfish trash, to plop yet another brick on the safety valve of their consciences.
Tags: jim: rip, one big oblivious family

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