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How to highjack a funeral....

It seems to be a hard and fast rule that stressful occasions like this bring out the worst in some people. The fact that Liz refuses to feel guilty about the loss of Jim's beloved harmonica, to show real empathy for her family, to care about anyone else's needs but her own is confirmation of that sad fact. As howtheduck pointed out, she and Anthony seem to get affectionate at, shall we say, inappropriate moments and this is but a continuation of that weird trend. We can probably look forward to the two of them declaring themselves at Jim's wake accompanied by paper-thin excuses of life having to go on and how he wouldn't want them to mourn and, let's face it, a lot more insincere, self-aggrandizing blathering. Neither of them really care that Jim has passed on becuase they only really care about themselves. All they'd be doing was capitalizing on human suffering and forcing people to validate their swinishness. Their companion cannibals (Jelly, JSTF, Mikerobe) would get behind the Settlepocalypse as they browbeat the Creature into accepting an atrocity.
Tags: jim: rip, liz: whining martyr

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