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Elly: The daughter Mrs Baird wanted but didn't actually need.

Remember the other day when the Patterson children made a big show of 'adopting' Mrs Baird? While we questioned the sincerity and usefulness of the gesture, what wasn't covered is how Thelma saw the Pattersons. From her earliest appearance in the strip to her last arc, it seemed obvious that she saw Elly and the others as filling a vacuum in her life that she was 'supposed' to have. Since all women in the Foobiverse are supposed to want children lest they be evil, spidery, man-eating career women who plot to make poor Liz die alone and unloved and never, ever in a position to pay her poooooor parents back, Elly was seen as being God's way of giving Thelma the daughter a cruel fate denied her. Finally, she could have someone to pass her wisdom down to like a woman is supposed to.

The problem is that Elly was as ready to receive her wisdom as she was her own real mother's. The same child who did a very bad job of observing and accurately Marian's methodology owing to a combination of impatience, inattention and her stubborn fear of being corrected grew up to become a tended to tune out Mrs Baird when the kindly old lady archetype talked about boring and wrong stuff about how maybe Mike should be allowed to get things that benefit him when it was obvious that the only benefit Mike should derive out of life was the knowledge that he was making his mother's life better. It's also not as if she was a more dutiful child in other respects. She made a vague promise to look in on Thelma's gentleman friend after the woman passed on but she never did because that would be too much like work. Simply put, Thelma would have done better to stick with her dogs. They aren't always bumming money or getting snippy when you tell them that they're making a mistake raising their kids.
Tags: mrs baird, the pattersons through others eyes

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