dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On having fiends over....

Last week's irritating plot had a very stupid premise behind it. Said very stupid idea was that Elly thought it wouldn't be 'fair' for Mike to bring his friends over because Lizzie had hers over. While she would probably defend herself by saying that Mike and Lawrence would clearly menace and dominate Lizzie and the Nichols children because people with an advantage in size and strength ALWAYS use it in the most self-serving and arbitrary fashion possible, what she really meant was that it was unfair to expect her to arbitrate disputes between two sets of children because she was meant for better things. The way she disguised her motivations turned self-absorbed beefing about how unfair it is that Elly have to deal with the unimportant and meaningless complaints of small children who do nothing that CAN matter and thus don't actually need encouragement or sympathy into a pernicious and effective means of poisoning the relationship between the siblings is to shift the blame ONTO the kids. Since Mike and Lizzie already sort of suspect that they're competing for their alleged mother's non-existent affections in the first place, the idea that the one is selfishly inconveniencing the other out of malice resonates and reinforces that earlier suspicion.

The very annoying thing is that Elly does this at every turn and still doesn't see why they fight like scorpions. It can't possibly be that she's to blame for the chaos or has said anything to make things worse so it must be that children fight over nothing because they want to.
Tags: child rearing disasters, elly versus her family

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