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On bolting the gate after the horses leave.....

As you know, Elly tends to spend most of her time terrified by what other people think of her and her family. In her mind, everything she does has the singular design of reassuring a hypothetical neighbour that, yes, she has things under control and that yes, she is a positive influence on society raising swell kids who will make a positive difference. The problem is that it's way too late to worry about what she and her family look like and always has been. I should think that when people think of Elly Patterson, the conversation would probably include one of the following sentences:

  1. "The woman doesn't have the least bit of common sense. Time and again, she does something stupid only to turn around and say that no one could have seen whatever obvious consequence of her behaviour is alarming her this time coming."

  2. "You can't give her any sort of advice and not be accused of 'bossing' her around."

  3. "She stands around screaming like a lunatic over petty nonsense while letting real problems just sort of wash over her because they're too big and scary for her to think about, let alone get angry about."

  4. "When she's not doing that, she's running around in a blind panic about something crazy, stupid and impossible."

  5. "She got married and had kids because she thought it was a legal requirement but she doesn't seem to know how to be a wife or mother."

  6. "She actually once told me that she can't get to know her children because 'she didn't grow up with them'!!!"

  7. "She makes her own children stand outside in the cold because she's too thin-skinned to deal with them only to turn around and yell at them about how much they hate her when they get dirty.".

  8. "She's clearly trying to pit her kids against one another but squeals about how horrible it is that they don't get along."

  9. "She won't neuter or train or even fence in her lumbering idiot of a dog and when people call her on it, they're the mean people."

  10. "She lets her bored, apathetic children wandering around looking for the attention she won't give them because she bleats idiotically about how they cruelly want to suck her dry and keep her from keeping her house clean."

  11. "She hasn't the blindest idea how to do housework properly and thus just ends up moving the dirt around."

  12. "She married an oafish man-child not because he loved her but because he was a 'good' provider."

  13. "Said abrasive clod married her because he was too lazy to pick up after himself and takes a churlish delight in mocking her goals and making her feel stupid."

  14. "Hubby buys ego-gratifying TOYS with "his" money while whining about the horrible expense of having to keep his house from falling down and his children from starving to death."

  15. "He also hangs around a filthy pervert who got into medicine so he could have excuse to leer at women."

  16. "She associates with a crazy divorced woman and an idiot so far in denial about her husband being a philanderer, she should be named Cleopatra."

This leads us to the realization that most of the people in town are sick to their stomachs with dread because they were too late to save those poor Japanese people from getting sucked into the yawning vortex of Foobitude. If only one of them could have gotten there before Elly showed up and told Carol "That woman with the ponytail? Don't talk to her, don't let her or her family into your house, don't try helping her out, don't walk on the same side of the street as her. She's crazy and she'll suck you into her madness if you let her. Just avoid her like the rest of us do and you won't have to deal with her nonsense." The only thing that consoles them is that Elly got more insular as time wore on; given her need to micromanage the day-to-day lives of the children who didn't finally and completely ruin her life for her, she doesn't have time to spread her madness throughout the neighbourhood.
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