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Train Man Through Other People's Eyes.

Of course, it's not just Elly who is blissfully unaware that people tend to not think all that well of her. John is also pretty much oblivious that he's thought of not as a pillar of the community but as something of a cautionary example. I should think that when people talk about him, variations of the following themes:

  1. "He stands around ogling pretty girls all day in front of that wife of his knowing she won't leave him."

  2. "He calls his children lazy because they don't want to kill themselves doing a man's work while he sits on his fat ass."

  3. "He thinks his children are freeloading off of him."

  4. "He thinks that the money he brings in should be spent on himself first and his family second."

  5. "He's a big, mean DUMB kid who expects his family to sacrifice so he can play the fool."

  6. "He hangs out with that appalling skirt-chaser so he can look good in comparison AND be told that he doesn't need to change his ways."

  7. "He treats his employees like garbage."

  8. "He treats his patients like they're furniture."

  9. "He's barely literate and proud of it."

  10. "He disappears into his work shed or into his back yard to play with toy trains so he doesn't have to deal with his family."
  11. "He delights in verbally and emotionally abusing his family to remind them that they shouldn't expect to be defended from him but is something of a humorless dick who can't take a joke."

This means that while people pretty much have to deal with him owing to his having more of a role in the community, the community itself is resigned to smiling insincerely so as to not enrage the prick while internally reeling in horrified disgust at having to lower themselves to consort with vermin.
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