dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Foobs of DeFoobi Street......

I conclude my look at how television imagery makes the Pattersons' lives worse by reminding you that Becky does a very bad and selfish thing: she makes April feel inadequate and stupid. In April's defense, no one wants to look in the mirror and see a sullen jerk filled with begrudgery out of malice and vanity. People always see themselves as being the protagonist so the accusation that she's actually a dimwit who wants a genuinely talented person to willingly hold herself back so a less-talented person doesn't have to admit it doesn't sit well.

It would be bad enough if she didn't have her vindictive idiot parents yapping about how misguided and wrong Becky is to pursue fame instead of fun and friendship owing to their own need to tear down all the people who make them feel like the also-rans they are without television imagery she also doesn't think to question teaching her that someone who makes her feel bad wants to do so. The end result is that we have a child who thinks that Becky will crush her and her friends with her star power because that's just what people who make people who should feel great like they don't measure up do. It's not that Becky is a lonely person who wonders why her friend is so distant, it's that Becky cackles like the Green Goblin when plotting her final gambit to once and for all smash April down and admit that she doesn't deserve to have boyfriends.

Eventually, this might somehow get back to Becky by the means of someone who doesn't know better angrily accusing her of being an extra-mean doodle-pants to his aunt Aypo. This means that a D-lister whose fifteen minutes zipped by ages ago will be standing there wondering what kind of drugs April's parents had her on to have her talking about war and treason as if she's the bad guy on some unrealistic soap opera.
Tags: april versus becky, television ain't life

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