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Nice-guyism in the Pattersphere: Why Mike grew up wrong.

The interesting thing about Mike is that while a lot of his behaviour seems to have been patterned after the parent who didn't outrun him quickly enough, not all of his preconceptions are derived from Elly's default negativity, paranoia and need to paint himself as the victim. Some of them are derived from his uncle Phil's immaturity, entitlement, insecurity and need to deflect blame. As you might have guessed, I'm talking about how Phil's wailing about how he let a woman mess up his head led to Mike making an equally idiotic and self-serving statement about how Rhetta must have never loved him and was only stringing him along so she could tear his heart out of his chest and laugh cruelly at him for thinking that she valued his being a Nice Guy™.

For those of you still not quite familiar with the derogatory term I just used, a "Nice Guy" tends to have the following annoying tendencies:
  1. They're always racing around telling people what nice guys they are.
  2. They never actually listen to themselves when they speak (or, in Anthony's case, thought-bubble).
  3. They seem to believe in something called a Nice Guy Card which allows them to at some point stop caring about their partner's emotional needs and treat her as an object.
  4. They believe that the women of the world owe them something for being a Nice Guy.
  5. They regard getting friend zoned as a form of cruel and unusual punishment false-hearted women who only pretended to ever love them just to trip them up later and pull their pooooor hearts out of their chests and laugh and laugh and laugh as they stomp on it inflict on Nice Guys.
  6. Nice Guys aren't nearly as good at giving out compliments as they think they are.
  7. Nice guys don't have much of a grasp on reality.
  8. Finally, nice guys seem to have a death grip on media; this explains why the sexual divide is getting steadily more toxic and polarized.

This belief that a woman is a reward instead of a person seems to me to be the heart of the problem. My guess is that most of the Nice Guys in the strip don't know how to deal with women as people because of a lack of attention from busy mothers. Since the little boy Mike who wailed about the unfairness of his mommy not immediately coming to meet his every whim never had a real man explain that a woman isn't a trophy to be won, a plaster idol to be worshiped or a servant at his beck and call, it makes sense that he matured into an ape who thinks the wrong thing in the here and now.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot

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