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Further notes on failed heroism.

Of course, the belief that he's doing Elly a favor by trying to save her from the 'delusion' that she should be more that Mrs Doctor Patterson isn't the only means by which John thinks that he's being a great guy by doing something antisocial and self-defeating. As we are about to see, his attempts to reconcile Elly to a physique that her in-built preferences and her being raised by a crazy woman who made contradictory noise about cleaning off her plate while also maintaining a desirable silhouette made her see as being fat, pale, old and ugly blew up in his stupid face because Nice Guys™ just do not know how to give compliments that aren't left-handed. The drooling jackass thinks that he's helping when he wants her to admit that she can let it all hang out because while he himself is a vain fool obsessed with his own looks, he believes that there's an age window in which women should care about their appearance. This is not only why he gets on her last nerve about riding her about an appearance she's never been happy with, it's why he bleats about how horrible it is that ten-year-old Liz should care about how she looks because she's too young to feel good about what she sees.

This brings me to the other thing that he's proud of that he shouldn't be: his being an unapproachable, insenstive, high-strung, unyielding oaf of a father who takes a perverse pride in not understanding where his children are coming from and being totally uninvolved in their lives because that's the mother's job. Since we're dealing with a total goit here, he confuses the result of a necessity (his father working like a piston and thus being too tired to interact with him) with a law of nature. Granted, he works hard but not AS hard as a coal miner so has only the excuse of lower back pain he won't treat to keep him from being a real dad instead of merely the biological adjunct of a chair.
Tags: john versus reality

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