dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On dressing dowdy and blaming kids.

Remember how I make a lot of angry noise about what a pious, pig-headed fraud Elly is for whining non-stop about how April is all extra bad and everything for deciding to be born and tying her pooooooooooooor mother down and keeping her from traveling, having a career and a bunch of crap Elly either did anyway or would have been too terrified to do even if she were an empty-nester? The reason I mention that is that it's part of a larger trend she's got of making her children out to be bad guys who should be ashamed of themselves for 'forcing' her to do things she would do anyway while at the same time getting all snippy and refusing to look at them for daring to tell her it is not their fault and that they don't mean her harm, it just happened.

One thing that comes readily to mind is her refusal to admit that her children aren't growing out of their clothes to spite her because they hate her. Children grow when they grow no matter how long Elly wants their clothing to last them so throwing a tantrum about 'unfairness' and 'cruelty' and 'selfishness' is just plain stupid and mean-spirited. This becomes worse when we realize that when they turn around and ask the mother who can't buy new things because she has to give up spending on herself and clothe them and waaaaahhhhhhh, why don't they stop growing so quickly so I can have nice things too doesn't know what consignment stores are and would probably refuse to shop there even if she did. This means it's magically the kids' fault that Elly can either be looked down on by the made-up, fake, impossible, imaginary Free-Lance Shame Brigade that only existed in comic strips from the 1950s she wasted her life trying to impress OR whine about how she has to look like a frump in last year's style because her children hate her and prove it by growing out of their clothes.
Tags: elly on her cross

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