dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The denial-of-enjoyment perplex

As you know, I closed out my last entry with a reminder of one of Elly's more irritating hang-ups. While Matt Groening's stooges put it more bluntly when they had Marge say "Because something is not to MY taste, no one else should be allowed to enjoy it", the idea that Elly is quick to ban things she doesn't like because she doesn't want to look in the mirror and see a fraidy-cat keeping children from something that won't hurt them because of her own fears is a rather easy one to believe. As we see here, Elly's over-active imagination has her so focused on the image of April falling and ending up a broken, whimpering heap who'll have to be taken care of forever gets in the way of enjoying life. Well, that and the default negativity that makes her certain that if she were the one to suffer catastrophic injury, they'd just haul off and shoot her and move on with their lives.

This sort of non-stop terror that she'll end up having to play nurse to a hopeless invalid might look as if it might make her into a paranoid wreck of a helicopter parent who wishes to swaddle the offsprings and small ones in bubble wrap; the problem is that Paranoid Maniac Elly is locked in a deadly battle with Sullen Creepola Elly who thinks that her kids are playing helpless to mess with her. The instant they're out of their field of view, it's as if the panicky loon in her is taken from behind and gagged so that our hero can go on with her life cheerfully being blinded to the risks her children are asked to absorb. This means that if Liz had managed to hide the fact that Gordo sold her a Honda motorcycle, Elly would never have suspected a damned thing.
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