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On THEM and why THEY don't matter.

As you will recall, I once said that I believe that the reason John didn't seem to want to talk to April or find out why she was upset during the Housening is that he "knew" what the answer was. To put it in his own stupid words, the reason was "CHEE!!! I didn't know that I'd raised a princess who is so ignorant of the world that she wants poor Mike and poor Deanna and their poor kids to freeze and starve and die because her need for drama blinds her to the fact that she has to sacrifice for the common good." It only occurred to him far after the fact that he'd actually raised a frightened child who just wanted to know where she stood so she could buy into things. Given that we're about to see a sort of foreshadowing of the Housening when Connie waits until the last second to tell Lawrence of her wonderful decision to flee the judging eyes that don't actually exist, my guess is that Elly thinks that if April is allowed to vent, the same fantasy THEY she thinks would have rained down on her en masse last October and made her wear a sign saying 'IRRESPONSIBLE MOTHER WHO CAN'T BE TRUSTED' were Mike to dress up as Adam Ant like he wanted to would appear and tell her that no, they can't move because April made too much noise or some such similar impossible scenario.

This is because we're dealing with an extension of Elly's need to let an indifferent crowd tell her that she's pretty and smart and right. Simply put, she lives and dies by what she thinks a nebulous THEY with insanely high standards think of her. She dresses her kids and cooks meals and cleans her house in a vain and silly effort to please ghosts and monsters of her own making when the truth is that the women whose eyes bore holes into her don't care one way or another how she lives her life as long as she's happy with herself and does not create a problem for herself or those in her vicinity. Thus does she also need a software upgrade to go with the firmware patch that makes her see physical defects where none exist. Also, the help of a medical professional to correct the curved spine that makes her look wider around than she is. Seriously, the woman is in a permanent duck!!
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