dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Fear her.

As we saw last Sunday, the John of the very early years had no real problem saying chauvinistic things, publicly disrespecting Elly or making nasty comments at her expense. The interesting thing is that the John of the later years was never that bold. He probably hasn't changed his tune to any great extent (as his blanket condemnation of a woman he's never met and never will meet indicates) but he seems to have finally learned when not to sing his song of idiot misogyny. All it took was for him to finally become afraid of her intemperate, irrational rages.

The problem is that almost everything angers her because she seems to have wasted her childhood trying to make compliments out of insults because of a deep-seated belief that people who were nice to her were lying in order to either get her to do something or get something from her. She figured that because the only time she was pleasant to anyone was to extract favors so it made sense that everyone else is a lying jerkwad too. This means that even when John is being a stand-up guy, her inner paranoid idiot is telling her that he's actually being a jerk. This means that she might as well be green and running around yelling "smash puny humans."
Tags: jelly vs jstf

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