dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Grub, Duds, Spuds and ingratiation......

Here's something I bet a lot of you either didn't know or wouldn't care about: the comedy writers who created Hee Haw were Canadian expatriates. The reason that I think that this matters is that it isn't just that it took for native-born American citizens to give Kornfield Kounty a make-over that turned it from "Li'l Abner and Ellie Mae Clampett had a baby and called it this show" to "generic, contemporary rural America" in its later seasons; the reason that I think that it matters is that it explains a lot about the Lynnsights.

You see, when most of my countrymen of their and Lynn's generation picture the United States in general and the former Confederacy in particular, the effect Foxworthy noted of mentally subtracting IQ points gets doubled and redoubled. This means that outside the cities, Lynn seems to genuinely think that the average American is a poorly-educated version of her generic Canadian hayseed. This means that when speaking to a mass audience, she tries to smooth things over and not rile up the locals by speaking as she believes they do. Thus do we have to trudge through Lynnsights and books about duds, suds and grub so that an idiot might preen and posture about how helpful she's being.
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