dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lynn answers her critics....INEPTLY.

As howtheduck pointed out, today's strip is Lynn's attempt to answer her critics who state that Elly and the other Pattersons aren't helping Jim as much as they probably should. She did so by throwing out a largish hint out them not being able to get past Iris, that she won't let them or anyone else help her. Not only that, but she is (and has been all along) clearly depicted as being in denial as to the severity of Jim's condition. Thus, instead of the Pattersons being inconsiderate and ungrateful jackasses, we have them as the unwitting victims of an inept blunderer who's not only too proud to accept help but too out of it to realize she needs it. Simply put, Elly is rescued from being a twit by Lynn's assassinating her step-mom's character. Granted, this sort of catastrophe can and does happen with revolting regularity but we can all think of ones that allow both parties top keep their dignity. Retconning Iris into a bungling fool is just Lynn's unconscious admission that she can't write a story any more. It's the same thing as her other annoying, trite and stupid plotline: the non-romance between the fairlystronglikebirds Liz and Anthony. Her attempt to explain away the collapse of his marriage didn't have the desired effect of salvaging their reputations. Anthony looks far more hateful a fool and Liz made a lateral move from homewrecker to sociopath by chortling over her rival's weakness and despair. We can also look forward to her failed attempt to make Mike into the great Dad she thinks she is and the pipehead logic he'll supply for blowing off his kids.
Tags: iris, lizthony, retcons: your new best friend, sheet shaver

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