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Further notes on the diabolical Nichols children.

The irritating thing about watching Elly whine piteously about how Anne sits there and smiles as she lets her demon children run hog-wild is that it seemed to me as if Annie would lose her prominence in the strip once Lynn moved away from the person she was trying to nag into compliance. As the whole "Liz hopes the EVIL, ADULTERY LOVING TOWN of Mtigwaki would fall into a sink-hole that killed everyone except Jesse" thing reminds us, Lynn is too damned immature to understand that a refusal to wade into a situation that a person doesn't approve of doesn't mean assent. The reason I say this is that it occurs to me that before Corbeil, Anne was a stand-in for a friend Lynn thought was getting a raw deal from a town she still thinks wanted to humiliate and ruin her because she can't wrap her pea brain around the idea of helplessness in the face of interdomestic polecattery.

The problem with that logic is that it fails to take into account Lynn's being outraged that Aaron and Katie had friends over after their move to Corbeil. Gone were the happy days where she could banish her terrifying, confusing little strangers from her fantasy capsule and taking their place, a hellish and baffling reality wherein other women's monster children saw her as just another mother to be treated as someone ordinary. Thus it was that Christopher and Richard gained new life as stand-ins for the horrible, horrible children of horrifying horror who, like their horrible and wrong mothers, dared to look at Lynn and see someone who looks like a useless, pathetic suburban housewife who has the unworthy and bad identity of Mom.

This means something else. Remember how I once said that Anthony is sort of a stand-in for the Christopher who got himself Chucky Cunninghammed all the way to the evil, scary and wrong Papist school of learning to treat women like baby factories? He ain't the only replacement character out there. After all, Leah is pretty much April's age and would, I should think, have been her default frienemy had the Nichols embargo not been imposed. This necessitated the creation of a replacement with an aitch at the end of her stage name: Eeee-VILE Becky!!!!
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