dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Dirty sheets and confused thinking.

Last Sunday's Lynnsight contained a very telling element. This is because Lynn stood there, watched her brother do something stupid and was completely surprised by why she got yelled at for letting him do it. Worse, she assumed that he got away with it until shown otherwise. This is a reminder of a problem Lynn has that makes her less than perfectly qualified to be an essayist: an inability to understand subtext and motivation. In the case indicated, Lynn might have been so upset that Alan seemed to have gotten away with something on her watch that she lost sight of the fact that she should possibly have tried to stop him because her mother trusted her to do just that.

Of course, the other confusing habit of hers of trying to convince herself that her past and the strip are identical is a complicating factor in and of itself. Were it not for her refusal to understand that only a crazy person would call shuffling details around a lie, we wouldn't have to contend with her making of herself a fictional character. Instead of a situation in which she knows the past but admits to changing it, we have a mess in which she has a fun-house mirror idea of her own history and sees the self-distorted image as being accurate.
Tags: lynn fails everything forever.

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